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Teen events and contests are advertised on the Bulletin Board near the doorway, so check out what’s happening for Teens.

Teen events are sponsored by the Friends of the Library!

Examples of Teen events: 

Summer Reading, Teen Book Discussion Group, Teen Advisory Board (TAB), Annual Poetry Night, Crafty Teens, Movie Matinees, 60 Second Challenge & more!

Teen events are for 12-19 year olds.  Registration is required for all Teen programs.  Register on this page, at the Youth Desk or by calling 313.531.5960 x 105

Teen Activity Board with PIZZA!

Wednesday, March 11, 7-8 pm register button 

Help make the Library THE place for Teens!  Share your ideas and input with Miss Kendra about teen books and movies, future activities, Summer Reading incentives, programs and prizes, and more.

Pi Party

Saturday, March 14, 1-3 pm register button

“…the ratio of the circumference of circle to its diameter.” If you noticed that the date “03-14-15” is equal to pi, welcome to Pi Day!  This is the MOST EPIC Pi Day of our lives! March 14, 2015 or 03.14.15 will not happen again for 100 years!

Tell people YOU WERE THERE and stuffed your face with glorious, delicious pi-pie!  Teams of up to two will be competing against each other to eat an 8" pie, then write pi out to the 10th decimal place.

A second, more laid back contest will take place afterward:  who can write out memorized pi to the farthest decimal place?  PRIZES WILL BE AWARDED!

Teen Book Discussion Group

For Teens ages 12-19.  Limited to 12 members.  Register at the Youth Desk or call 313.531.5960 x105.  Teens receive a FREE copy of each month’s book courtesy of the Friends of the Library!  Meets monthly on the following Wednesdays at 7 pm:   

March 18:  Mexican WhiteBoy by Matt de la Pena

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